Print media is still the way that that most people go about presenting their company through leaflets, business cards, sales brochures and catalogues etc.

Here at the “Branding Convenience” we pride ourselves with our excellent printing services and are well verse in all digital and litho printing. Even though we are situated in Paarl our deliveries are quick throughout South Africa due to the speed of our high quality, high volume printing machines.

Our printing machines are very versatile and we are able to turn around business cards, promotional flyers and all other paper print media orders at a record speed. We use partners with the latest in litho printing as well as large format digital printing to ensure great quality, registration and colour matching.

Poster printing  is such an integral part of what we do at Mediafx and so we therefore pay a lot of attention to getting it just right.

All of our small quantity poster runs are digitally printed on a high quality semi-gloss paper which goes a long way to ensure excellent quality. Large poster run orders are printed on 135gsm gloss with a UV coating which enables us to supply a fantastic quality product at a very competitive price.

Our graphic design team specialises in high impact poster design and will use the correct combination of colour, font size and images to grab your market’s attention.

See our size Paper size chart alongside and contact us on for a quotation.

Flyers and leaflets are here to stay! A good flyer will always attract attention and help to establish your brand’s presence. We acknowledge that a leaflet or flyer is not an appropriate marketing tool for all industries and markets, but they certainly have there place in the market. Marketing in physical form is cherished by many in a world with so much of the digital kind, it influences people in the places that digital marketing never will.

Business Cards

Giving quick details and info about a company, business cards are a must have product for every enterprise. They speak volumes into the professionality of a oragnisation and a good looking, good quality business card goes along way.


A simple and well designed leaflet can display in-depth information on the different services your company offers… or they can be used for a wedding you decide. 


We are able to print high quantities of durable booklets in a short period of time thanks to great machinery and teamwork. Big quantities are our specialty and of course it comes with the best quality possible.


Labels are a crucial part to all manufacturing enterprises, even more so here in Paarl/Wellington due to the flourishing fruit and wine industry. We at MediaFx supply great quality labels at a competitive price, be it vinyl or flexo labels.

NCR Books

NCR (No Carbon Required) books are an important aspect of mainly transport enterprises but plays a role in many industries. NCR paper is used in the creation of delivery note books and invoice books. 


Posters are a great way to display information in a conference or just put your brand/idea out there. With our high quality-poster printing we are able to supply the Cape Winelands with sharp, crisp colourful posters.