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vehicle brandingVehicle Branding - Vehicle graphics vinyl and wrapping is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world as it offers the client a large printable area and is relatively cost effective.Due to its mobile nature a large target market is reached and repetitive brand enforcement is ensured.Many fleet owners are using this brand exposure to good effect.  At MediaFX we only use the finest quality vinyl materials,printer inks and our designers have perfected the art of maximising the impact per square meter.  Meticulous care is excercised during the vehicle vinyl  installation process.With many years of car and other vehicle vinyl installation experience our installers are mobile and will come to your premises to install your vehicle branding.We have applied vehicle vinyl to various cars,trucks,earthmoving vehicles,tankers,helicopters,motorcycles etc.

We also specialise in the safe removal of  vinyl graphics form your vehicle or fleet.





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Instalations are done at our facility in Wellington Cape Town or at any other site in the Western cape.


We present our client with a graphic representation of what their vehicle would look like when the vinyl or magnetics are applied.A photograph of the vehicle  is taken and then an attractive graphic, digitally applied to the image to create the proposed look for the client to approve.

Both vinyl application and magnetic decals have their pro and cons.


 Vehicle magnets or vinyl?-some factors to consider.

  • Lifespan of the branding-If you are planning on selling your vehicle then a better option may be to temporarily have car magnetics made.

  • Impact and visibilty-If you wish to make a large impact then vinyl would be your best option as it possible to apply large sections to a vehicle (wrapping).

  • Versatility-Vinyl vehicle branding is more versatile as it conforms to the contours and lines of a vehicle in the application process.

  • Anonymity -If there are times which  you would like to not be recognised in your business capacity then  magnetics are the answer,they are easy to remove  and replace within seconds.


Whatever your choice and preference it is always better to brand your vehicle so whether it is magnetics ,vehicle window vinyl,contavision vinyl or a full vehicle wrap we at Mediafx will gladly assist  you.


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