The Mediafx Values, Mission and Vision

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MediaFX’s ownership, management, employees and associates conduct our business based on the following values:

Stewardship : Demonstrating a commitment to doing unto others as we would have done to us and making the most of every opprtunity we have. 

Excellence : Achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities through maintaining high standards in all we do  

Integrity : Ethically and honestly doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it-Honestly!  

Health and Safety : Sharing  a relentless commitment to a zero work-related injury and illness culture  

Service and relationships : Doing our best always in a manner which displays humility,trust and a service mentality in order to ensure good favour and good relationships with all clients and associates.  

Profitability:ensuring longevity and financial health of our business through correct pricing and purchasing of our products and services.




    Our Vision is to be a South African leader  in the branding and signage industries by providing products and services that are recognized by our customers’ as key factors in their success.Our commitment is to continually earn our customers’ loyalty through exceptional services provided by dedicated employees who are regularly rewarded for their personal and professional growth . Our final measure of this achievement will be the selection, by our customers, as their most preferred supplier.




    Our mission is to supply unique, perceived high-value items, attractive to our customers, at a very affordable cost and maximum convenience-Throughout South Africa!

    We will achieve our shared vision by:

         -Focusing on providing solutions for our clients not just selling them products.

    • -Offering the latest branding methods that technology has to offer.
    • -Constantly searching for and creating new products to offer our clients.
    • -Being fully accountable for our own actions.
    • -Offering the highest level of customer satisfaction in our industry.
    • -Building long term relationships with our clients.
    • -Been our customers’ one stop Media,Branding and Graphics solution.



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